Daily Archives: December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Connie and Steve!

To those near and (most likely) far,

We miss you all! Some of you we miss incredibly — and you know who you are, you furry puppy — and some of you we miss simply because you have made our lives wonderful. To ¬†friends, family, and those whom we think about often, we hope you enjoy a very warm and merry holiday. We wish we could be close to you too, but it was simply not in the cards this year.

Instead, to celebrate the occasion, Steve and I are off tomorrow to five days in Hong Kong, where I will continue to recuperate at a nice hotel in Mong Kok, and we will eat Indian food at our favorite Indian restaurant ever and do a bit of light hiking on Victoria Peak. Then we’ll return to Kaohsiung for another two weeks before jetting off to Tainan, and then lands unknown.

Have a great holiday!