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Thailand in a pair of pants.

I have spent the last week contemplating a pair of pants.┬áThese pants are just a length of colorful, soft fabric. The elastic waist is one-size-fits-all, and the pattern is complex but not elaborate. They are simply a pair of pants, but they bring to mind so much about our experience in Thailand and our travel thus far. But first, an overview of the first week in Chiang Mai that has sped past. So far, Steve and I have…

… watched a Muay Thai boxing fight
… visited a vast night bazaar full of clothing, bags, and food stalls
… sung karaoke (mostly Spice Girls) with a passel of fellow hostel guests
… undergone/ enjoyed an hour-long Thai massage
… watched a Thai
ladyboy cabaret
… learned how to make massaman curry and hot and sour chicken soup at a Thai cooking class
… spent an afternoon reading and napping in a hammock

… had a jog along the old city walls
… enjoyed a bucket of gin and juice
… and made friends with people from a dozen different countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Uruguay, and of course, US).

Dinner out with everyone from Spicythai Backpackers, our hostel.

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