Tweeting about Taiwan.

This is the laziest post I will be writing in this blog. Rather than actually sit down to recount what we’ve been up to, I’m just going to repost some tweets I’ve been making on Twitter about Taichung, and add a little bit more detail. It’s kind of like a social media sausage! Enjoy.

This was set up next to the park near our house recently. I don’t really understand why they have people playing the trombones, and it looks more like a Christmas exhibit, but it’s pretty cool anyway. After I took this picture, I saw a 50-something year-old man kneeling to take a picture of this sign from a lower angle. People love their photo ops here, which is why they put this here, I guess!  

The  Meicun-Gongyi intersection is about 5 minutes away from our house, and pretty darn bustling. There’s a great tea drink joint on the right (with the green sign), and it’s next to our favorite beef noodles place in Taichung, which is also possibly our favorite restaurant here.

Other delicious foods we’ve been sampling includes mango baobing. This looks glorious, I know. It tastes pretty good too, although the kind we got in Kaohsiung last time was even better. Baobing is essentially shaved ice that is so thin, light, and airy that it piles up into a large but insubstantial mound. You put fresh chunks of mango on it, and drizzle mango sauce and sweetened condensed milk on top. Out of consideration for Steve’s lactose intolerance, we omitted the milk, but it was still pretty sweet.  

Well, no further explanation necessary.

These were pretty neat drinks. The beer with honey tasted just like it sounds! After dinner, we had a long stroll around, and then got these from the 7-Eleven, and then just sat outside and enjoyed them. Taichung keeps raining when you don’t expect it, so you have to take advantage of it when it isn’t rainy!  

Work has been going pretty well. I need to figure out how to write a good post about work and put it in here. By turns, I am quite busy and also kind of bored with things because it’s pretty quiet in the office but I also have a LOT of analysis to do. Overall, a good deal, and I had a good three initial weeks with my supervisor, and just Sunday, she flew off to NYU along with a few other people for a summer training course in the US. In preparation for it, she got this book from someone else in the office. It was really fun to read some of it. Can you spot the misspelling on the front page? Steve already did.

Other miscellaneous news: one more week working in Taichung before I move up to Taipei. In one week, I start the observation phase of my internship at a branch center in Taipei where they run the program that I’m doing an evaluation of. Last night, we succeeded in buying train tickets online. You have to go onto a website, enter in your passport number, and use that to make a booking if there are seats available. Then you pay for it online, and then go to any FamilyMart or 7-Eleven convenience store where they have an iBon machine, where you can enter in your passport number and booking number, and then the clerk hands you the printed tickets after you pay a small handling fee (~50 cents USD).

More later from Taiwan!


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