Hello world! T-15 days until we leave Chicago.

Hey all, it’s Connie here!

Steve and I have roughly over two weeks until we leave Chicago, and I’m going to wait until later to do a proper introduction page. Why’s that? Because I’m too busy writing other things. Like researching what kind of universal plug adapter to purchase, what kind of hiking sandals, and whether that Target gift card can buy me a new lens cap. Maybe those portable solar panels are worth it? What did we decide to do about buying a new phone again?? Steve is visiting REI with his dad to look more closely at camping backpacks, and at least one of our friends helped us research and purchase pack towels so we’ll always know where our towels are.

I’m also frantically browsing any and all pages about travel (advice from Alex Maccaw, interview with Gary Arndt) that we’ve taken inspiration from in the past. Over the past winter and spring, we’ve done a lot of drooling over photos and fantasizing about night markets in Taiwan or snorkeling in Thailand, but not a lot of hardcore here’s-what-we-need-to-purchase-and-when-we-will-do-it planning. So while trying to balance having dinners and drinks with friends in Chicago before we jet off, I’m also trying to make doctors’ appointments, order things online, and of course, brainstorm awesome names for blog (accomplished!).

Finally, have a gander at the more amazing list of currency exchange rates (as of August 2013) that I’ve dug up so far, in rough order of when we’re heading to these places (Accuracy level: Google). This is as much for everyone else as it is for me to have this list handy on the Internet. Enjoy!

100 Japanese yen = $1 USD
100 RMB (Chinese yuan) = $16.34 USD
100 New Taiwan Dollars = $3.33 USD
100 Hong Kong Dollars = $12.89 USD
100 Singapore Dollars = $78.02 USD
100 Malaysian Ringgits = $30.21 USD
100 Thai Bahts = $3.11 USD
100 Indian Rupees = $1.54 USD
100 Sri Lankan Rupees = $0.75 USD
100 Israel New Shequel = $27.89 USD
100 Croatian Kuna = $17.64 USD
100 Euro = $133.13 USD
100 British Pound Sterling = $155.74 USD


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