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Overthinking It: the science of packing.

Like many travelers, we have discovered the truth of packing light; there’s something about travel or when the rubber hits the road (no pun intended whatsoever) that makes you prioritize about your luggage. No matter how little you pack, you end up making it work and what’s more, there will always be something you don’t end up using. When Steve and I were contemplating our choice of travel luggage, Erin, our BFF and dogmother to Stella, was the first to advise us not to purchase a large backpack, because we would simply fill it. So I got a 46 liter Osprey Porter,  and Steve got the 22″ Osprey Meridian, which have both been great!

Rolled up clothing in my Osprey Porter.

A few days, while we were getting ready to go to Shanghai, I was worried over the issue of how to fit my birthday presents (a beautiful green windbreaker/ raincoat and two new dresses) into my bag. Steve was also packing, albeit carefully rolling his pants and shirts into small cylinders. I knew he had a theory about this sort of thing, but wasn’t too clear on it, and as I watched him pile his clothing this way on compile all of his clothing this way, I couldn’t resist asking: why does rolling your clothing save more space?

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Hello world! T-15 days until we leave Chicago.

Hey all, it’s Connie here!

Steve and I have roughly over two weeks until we leave Chicago, and I’m going to wait until later to do a proper introduction page. Why’s that? Because I’m too busy writing other things. Like researching what kind of universal plug adapter to purchase, what kind of hiking sandals, and whether that Target gift card can buy me a new lens cap. Maybe those portable solar panels are worth it? What did we decide to do about buying a new phone again?? Steve is visiting REI with his dad to look more closely at camping backpacks, and at least one of our friends helped us research and purchase pack towels so we’ll always know where our towels are.

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